Workouts for Couples: Tips and Advice

A famous social psychologist Theresa DiDonato believes that couple workouts are more beneficial for relationships than visiting a marriage and family therapist. According to research, couple exercises help romantic feelings to burst into flame again. But how does this work in practice? How to go in for sport together with a loved one? Let’s figure it out!  

How does joint sport strengthen relationships?

Theresa DiDonato claims that during physical activity, the human body experiences the same “symptoms” as when being enamored with someone: uneven breathing, rapid heart rate, and endorphin rush. Reflexively, a person perceives such features as signs of sexual desire and attraction that, of course, have a positive influence on love relationships. And for men who are contraindicated in activity, you can pay attention to cruises for men over 50

Also, common hobbies, interests, and goals (lead a healthy life, lose weight, bulk up, run a marathon, etc.) work for the strengthening of a romantic relationship. After all, you both will be able to discuss different types of sports activities and couples exercises that you like most. What is more, you will support and help each other to keep fit and achieve common goals.

There are some more motivations to engage in couples workout. First of all, it is a nice option to spend time with a loved one, moreover, regular and active. Nowadays, people are often busy with household chores, work, and different personal problems, but sports activities can break the monotony of your life and become a part of the daily routine that cannot be skipped. Why not? For the reason that if you take exercises together with a loved one, the temptation to miss a workout because of poor health or bad mood is much less than in the case of in-person practice. After all, missing training, you fail your partner and demonstrate a lack of willpower.  

Workout Ideas for Couples

Have you ever tried to take couples exercise, hand in hand with a loved one? If not, you face a wonderful discovery! After all, doing sports together is much more fun. And boring repetitions of exercises cease to be so when by the side, you see the smiling face of a person you love. So, familiarize yourself with the 5 best ideas of couple sports activities.

  1. Martial arts

Loving couples engage in martial arts not as often as it would be glorious to do. However, such joint training has a lot of benefits. First of all, martial arts are a great way to find an outlet for negative energy. After a powerful emotional release in the gym, you simply do not have the strength for domestic reproaches much less for quarrels.

Boxing, kickboxing, and wrestling are pretty aggressive sports. In practice, couples do things that they would never do in ordinary life. But, of course, everything goes on an amateur level – without injuries, knockouts, and broken noses. Moreover, partners usually compete with each other and try to perform exercises better in front of a loved one. Therefore, couple training is much more effective than individual ones.

  • Yoga

During joint yoga training, loving couples often help each other in all kinds of ways – give a spot, help stretch out, support and motivate each other, etc. It develops trust to a loved one. By spotting one another, couples can do such asanas as Shirshasana (no-hand headstand), Pincha Mayurasana (elbow stand), and many others.

To develop trust in a relationship, a couple should try Acroyoga. Such a practice implies that one person serves as a supporting base, and the partner is a kind of “pilot” who performs asanas almost in the air, leaning oneself on the hands or feet of the loved one almost without touching the ground. Acroyoga is best for strengthening relationships.

  • Gym

In general, fitness tasks are different for men and women. Thus, their performing differs too. But it is easy to find touch points in a training program. For example, stretching. It can and should be done together, and it does not matter whether you do sports in a gym or perform couple workouts at home. Stretching exercises are not only undifferentiated but also can be done in a pair. You and your loved one should not miss such an opportunity!  

To make training interesting for both of you, consider exercises, where it is impossible or difficult to go without the help of a loved one. If the one you are not a fan of gyms and fitness clubs, you can perform some couples workouts at home. It brings people together too.

  • Running

To get cozy with your loved one and strengthen your romantic relationship, go for a joint run. During this exercise, you will try to run at the same pace and make synchronous movements. It brings people together on a physical level. Moreover, joint jogging may become your morning or evening ritual – a kind of couple exercise routine – when it seems that there is no one in this world except you two.

  • Cycling

 The trend of replacing private and public transport with bicycles is expanding, and this is really good news. Cycling improves physically fit, tones up the cardiovascular system, and makes a person more agile, enduring, and strong. In addition, such a sporting activity is a good opportunity to spend time with a loved one, and, accordingly, strengthen romantic relationships. Moreover, cycling can be attributed to easy couple workouts.

If you already have bicycles, you can go cycling at any convenient opportunity. And if you do not have bicycles, draw attention to rental services.

How to entice a partner into couple workouts?

Have you decided to put yourself into shape and live a healthy lifestyle, but your loved one does not burn with the desire to engage in sports activities? First of all, talk with your partner about your future, discuss the current state of things, your lifestyle, and desires and plans for the future. During the conversation, be sure to mention the issue of maintaining and improving health. Tell your beloved about the benefits of couple workout and point out that it can not only improve your health but also strengthen romantic relationships and make them more passionate. Moreover, there is a whole slew of couple sports activities (even different workouts for couples at home), so you will surely find something you both like.

Another good way to entice a loved one into couple workouts is to lead the partner by personal example. Thus, you show your beloved how important sport is and how it affects the external and internal state of a person. Therefore, go in for sports and take care of your appearance and health. In most cases, such an approach is the most effective when it comes to attracting someone to sports activities.

Good exercises for a joint workout

Couple workout is your chance to accustom each other to a healthy lifestyle and spend time not only with benefit but also with great pleasure. So, consider some good couple exercises to take with your loved one.


Muscles: legs, core muscles.

Preparatory position. Stand opposite each other, hold hands, and place legs shoulder-width apart.

Performing. When breathing in, do a squat holding each other’s hands and bending your legs in the knees to an angle of 90°. As you exhale, return to the preparatory position. Repeat 20 times.

Palm push-ups

Muscles: pectoral muscles, triceps, core muscles.

Preparatory position. Stand facing each other, straighten your arms, and join your palms.

Performing. When breathing in, bend elbows, performing push-ups. And when you exhale, recover the place. Repeat 20 times.

Reverse push ups

Muscles: triceps, legs muscles.

Preparatory position. One partner takes the bent standing position, and the second leans hands on the legs of a loved one to perform reverse push-ups. 

Performing. The first partner, bend elbows when breathing in, and returns to the preparatory position while exhaling. The second partner statically holds the bent standing position. Do it 20 times and swap places with a partner.  

Abdominal crunches with legs fixation

Muscles: abdominal muscles.

Preparatory position. Both partners lie on their backs bending knees. Join your legs in order to fix each other’s position (woman’s legs may be put between the legs of a man). Put your hands behind your head.

Performing. Sit-up when you exhale and down as you inhale, tensing the abdominal muscles. Do it 20 times.

Hyperextension with legs fixation

Muscles: erector spinae muscles.

Preparatory position. The first partner lies on the belly putting hands behind the head and keeping feet together. The second one fixes the legs of a loved one.

Performing. When you exhale, lift the body up tensing the back muscles. And when breathing in, return to the preparatory position. Do it 20 times and swap places.

Final Thoughts Now, you know the benefits of couple workouts and what exercises are best to perform with a loved one. Therefore, be sure to take exercises for couples, become better every day, and admire each other. It will add passion to your romantic relationship and make your feelings even stronger!