Top 7 Eco-Friendly Gifts Your GF Would Love

Nowadays, products made with care for the environment are becoming more and more popular. After all, by protecting the environment, we take care of ourselves. That’s why ecological gifts are especially relevant. If your girlfriend not only cares about themselves but also about nature, the bebemur site will provide you with a few ideas on how to please her with a great eco-friendly gift.


The main difference is the material from which they are produced. Their cover is made of bitumen material, and pages are made of paper obtained by recycling algae. Depending on the type of seaweed, the paper is green, blue, yellow, or pink. There are also variants with black pages. These dailies usually come with a fluorescent pencil that writes in white. Apart from that, diary covers can be made of cork, reclaimed cardboard, or recycled leather.

Natural Cosmetics

Another good eco-friendly and beauty-conscious gift is essential and plant oils. They can be used for skin and hair care, added to the bath and aroma lamp. If you give a set of essential oils, it’s better to present a few herbal oils, so there was something to dilute them in. Natural dyes can be given as gifts for hair care: henna and basma. Besides, you may impress your beloved lady with fragrant natural soaps with herbs or oils.

Eco Jewelry

Jewelry is always a good option for a female gift. But accessories made of natural wood are a win-win for environmentalists. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not cheap and lovely. Bracelets, rings, and earrings made of amber will also please the fashionistas. It’s believed that amber cleans by absorbing the negative energy of a person who’s wearing it. 

Organic Candles

If your girlfriend often pleases you with romantic dinners, then give her eco-candles so that the next dinner will be even more romantic for you. These products are made from natural materials and don’t contain petroleum products. Unlike conventional candles, they have essential oils instead of synthetic perfumes, so they don’t increase CO2 in the air when the candles burn. An important point: pay attention to the fact that the wick was made of natural cotton or hemp.

Sweet Gifts

Sweets are still a favorite and desired gift for many girls. And what if you make these sweets eco-friendly? Give a jar of jam made from berries harvested in clean areas and made with only natural ingredients. Or natural honey in a wooden barrel. In this case, not only the product itself but also its packaging will be eco-friendly.

Natural Flowers

Are there many girls who don’t like flowers? Replace trivial bouquets with pot plants. This gift has a practical application — flowers can replace a humidifier in the apartment. To make the gift eco-friendly, make sure that the pot placed in the plant is not made of plastic. For example, there are options where the wooden pot is combined with a stand for pens and pencils. Besides, a good souvenir would be an eco-cube for growing plants — you will give both the flower and the soil, and an eco-friendly pot at once.

Eco Car

If your funds allow and you are in the closest relationship, you can even give her a car. Naturally, it should be an electric car or a vehicle with eco-mode, not one of those that spoil the air with exhaust fumes.

If you have run out of ideas, you can ask your girlfriend to make a list of her dreams. The list doesn’t necessarily have to include things. For example, she may include walking with you on the weekend out of town or going to a festival in Rio, etc. Let the list be constantly updated, so you’ll always have gift ideas.